Cassandra Fragments

For soprano and flute

Cassandra fragments was inspired by Euripides’ Trojan Women, the poet’s fiercest condemnation of the brutalities of war. After the fall of Troy, Cassandra, the Trojan princess, is betrothed to Agamemnon, the victor, to become his concubine. Through her prophetic gift, she foresees Agamemnon’s death upon their return to Argos, his homeland, as well as her own demise. In an ecstatic delirium, she sings praises to Hymen, god of marriage, knowing that her sacrifice will be the catalyst for the ultimate destruction of her tormentor and the house of Atreas.

Cassandra fragments was composed for soprano Nina Dante and flautist Dalia Chin of Fonema Consort, whose electrifying artistry has been a constant source of inspiration.

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Performed by Nina Dante, soprano, and Dalia Chin, flute, on February 21, 2019 (Premiere)