For solo percussion

The word “diaploys” in Greek means sailing through. Diaploys is the third in a family of works that relate to Odysseus’ sea voyages towards home. As in the case of Apoploys I, Diaploys is a commentary on verses 78-80 from the 13th book of the Odyssey: as the Phaiakians “rowed vigorously’’ towards Ithaka, Odysseus is overcome by a sweet, deep slumber, “very akin to death”. The work is conceived as a series of escalating waves, tracing a tense, fragile line and its shadows throughout the piece.

Diaploys was composed for the Days of Percussion 2013 International Percussion Competition organized by the Greek Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society, which took place in September 4-8 in Athenaeum Conservatory, Athens.

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Diaploys, metric patterns

Diaploys, metric patterns